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Red Cord (AKA Neurac) is a form of suspension training that uses suspension straps uniquely positioned to allow a person to use their own body weight as resistance which causes the body to stabilize and balance itself using more than just the primary muscle to be exercised so the person being trained develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously through a low impact workout.

Suspension Training with Redcord


Since Redcord is so low impact it is best suited for persons with joint and muscular disabilities or those who are recovering from a major joint replacement or major tendon surgery. The Neurac method allows the body to return to pain free movement patterns and improve overall muscular function. Neurac methods are so successful that they are used in professional athletic programs and national sports medicine and even in the military forces.

Working out as a middle aged or senior can be a difficult task if the person had major injuries in their younger years of life, and this is where Redcord can be useful as Redcord benefits all levels of fitness from pro athletes to seniors. Redcord is similar to TRX but without the prior commitment of requiring that a person have a strong core before working out using Neurac technics, however Redcord can still provide the same effects as TRX and all with the ability to do hundreds of exercises from a small area.

Try a Redcord Suspension Training Therapy session today and feel how with less direct effort you can work more muscles harder and with less total time commitment then traditional direct muscle training.

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