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 “Almost 2 million veterans are without health insurance, along with 3.8 million members of their households, a new study finds”. Healthy Day News

The U.S. military veteran community are not receiving the medical attention they deserve.

Burt Folsom

1.69 million military veterans neither had health insurance nor received ongoing care at Veterans Health Administration (VHA) hospitals or clinics.”NCBI

It is sad to say our veteran community is not receiving the medical care they need. 

Many don’t qualify for medical benefits after their time in service due to:

      • Lack of documentation during their time in service
      • Fear of speaking up if the service member was injured, sexually assaulted, stress, due to shame or retaliation by leadership.
      • Lack of education or knowledge of what the service member qualifies for.
      • Access to funding.

Because of these factors, many fail to seek healthcare coverage, medical attention, or aid. 

Free medical assistance for veterans and those who do not qualify VA benefits.

Trainerspace– provides a state of the facility for veterans to receive personal training, rehab, yoga, physical therapy, and sound therapy to become stronger, healthier and happier. Click here to learn more.

Help Our Wounded (HOW) Foundation – provides hyperbaric oxygen therapy for veterans at a low cost. Scholarships are also provided.  To learn more about the HOW foundation click here.

Cyberfit – provides low-cost physical and nutrition coaching to help veterans improve veterans and active duty military well-being. Click here to learn more.

Building Healthy Military Community (BHMC) The BHMC pilot is a multi-year initiative that aims to better understand unique challenges faced by geographically dispersed Service Members and their families that may impact their readiness, resiliency, and well-being. Click here to learn more.

Veterans Yoga Project is on a mission to support recovery and resilience among our veterans, families, and communities. Click here to learn more.

Veteran 2.0– is a veteran ran a podcast that provides useful information for military veterans, active duty, and nation guard/reserve personnel. Click here to learn more.

Helping our veteran community.

We need to take care of our veterans and unfortunately, the VA cannot facilitate a large majority of the veteran community, so it’s up to each and every person to make a difference in the lives of our service members.

Whether you can donate your time, expertise, or funding we have a responsibility to take care of those who protected us both here and overseas.

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