Service members become temporary lost after their service to our country

are unemployed or under employed.
of our veterans are currently homeless
of veterans do not know how to access benefits or programs available to them.

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Get Involved.
Make a Difference.

Stand with veterans across america as we improve their way of life

THey put the hard work in to protect our country

it is time to repay thier kindness

It is time to change

Who We Are

Trainerspace Foundation is a nonprofit that was established in September of 2017 to show veterans across America that there is a life after the military.

Hundreds of veterans lose their way and struggle to find the correct path to take. By combating most of the common issues veterans face we are able to change their lives. 

Helping Veterans Meet Their Full Potential

Take care of the sick, and those suffering from PTSD!

After all our service members return from combat most fail to seek car thus fall into states of depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.

Combating PTSD through exercise and meditation we can help our service men and women return to civilian life safely and with pride.


Veterans Are The most driven individuals on the planet

Many individuals fail to realize veterans are the building  blocks of this great country of ours

Training the body and mind


"Trainerspace Foundation is a nonprofit that was established in September of 2016 to highlight different military veterans from across America and their various achievement. It has been proven that veterans are changing the economy by becoming entertainers, joining political and governmental institutions or investing in different economic markets."

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